Enjoy The 'Original' Thousand Island Dressing

Enjoyed around the world and "Made in Clayton"

For decades, salad lovers around the world have enjoyed the appealing flavor of Thousand Island Dressing,
the only salad dressing ever named for a region of the United States.

Here is your opportunity to enjoy the 'Original" dressing that you, your family and friends
can enjoy with every salad or make the best tasting burgers and Reuben sandwich in the world.


  Here is your personal opportunity to get the 'Original" dressing that you, your family and friends can enjoy with every salad or on the best tasting Reuben sandwich in the world.
2, 3, 6 or 12 - 16oz. Bottles of
Thousand Island Dressing.

PLUS, Enjoy a 50% discount on the 60 minute documentary tracing the "Mysterious Origin of Thousand Island Dressing," broadcast nationwide by PBS, with this exclusive DVD offer from the show's producers which has made it the most famous salad dressing in the United States.
Just $9.95 for our website dressing customers. (Dressing purchase necessary)
Also featured on CBS Sunday Morning with Marsha Tichner and most recently on the Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum series in March, 2017.
(Forward to 7 mins. in the presentation.)

The Original Thousand Island Dressing  
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