A Traditional 1000 Island's Picnic Lunch
Since we introduced this two years ago, it has become our most popular on-shore lunch option.

    Taking only a little over one hour, this lunch option quickly became our most popular offering. It offers a great conclusion to your morning of fishing by going ashore on one of the 1000 Islands and enjoying a traditional 1000 Islands family style picnic cookout. It's a great conclusion to a six hour trip or a welcome break in the day if you are on a full day trip.


    Leaving the dock after boarding at 7:15 you will fish through the morning and then we'll head to our Guide's cookout grounds on Grindstone Island.  While you relax and watch the boats go by, your guide will make an open wood fire, set the table with a table cloth, plates, utensils and lunch items and prepare your choice of either Angus hamburgers and Hoffman hot dogs, or, a BBQ Chicken lunch, both prepared over the open fire.
    Your lunch includes 6 oz. all beef burgers & Hofmann hot dogs or broiled chicken legs and thighs, basted with tangy BBQ sauce. Either choice is accompanied by homemade macaroni salad, tasty Deviled eggs, Dill  pickle spears and appropriate condiments, based on your choice of lunch, all served
family style. Your only responsibility is to bring your own canned or plastic bottled beverages, your cooler and ice.
    After lunch you'll return to Clayton if you are on a 6 hour trip or fish for a bit longer, returning to the dock around 3 P.M. if you are on a full day trip.