This Season, Come and Fish the 1000 Islands...
We've Discovered How to Turn Dreams Into Memories.

    Our complete Fishing Trip Packages offer a  convenient way of making your trip plans with just one reservation call. In addition to the private guided fishing they provide two options for comfortable accommodations, our usual offering in a local, family owned motel and new this year, the option of upgrading to our brand new "4 Diamond" class 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel, downtown on the river. The motel, with its river view also provides outdoor cooking grills if you prefer to cook your own dinners instead of visiting one of our great dinner restaurants while the hotel has a full service lounge and dining room serving breakfast and dinner. For those choosing the motel, we can also provide you with complete information on local restaurants. From sub shops and pizzerias to family style restaurants, bistros and fine dining, our abundant selection is sure to satisfy every palate and purse. Regardless of your choice, all of Clayton's restaurants and the dock where the boat departs from are only a few minutes ride from the motel and walking distance from the hotel.
    On your package trip lunches are also provided, including on-board lunches to extend the fishing hours and two options for on shore lunches cooked from scratch on an island.
    Your package also includes all applicable taxes so with no hidden cost, you'll know exactly how much the trip will be.

2015 Package Fishing Trips
International Fishing Trip ...The most popular package fishing trip in the northeast. (3 Days/2 Nights, 2 days fishing & more from $360 p/p.)

Fisherman's Get-A-Way ...A fishermen's get-away with one full day of fishing.
(3 Days/2 Nights, 1 day fishing & more from $245 p/p.)

Fisherman's Overnighter ...For those without more time to enjoy their 2nd favorite sport.
(2 Days/1 Night, 1 day fishing & more from $189.50 p/p.)

The 1000 Islands Experience ...One day of Fishing & one day of touring with a shore dinner; a great 1000 Islands outing for couples.

Fall Muskie Hunt ...Trophy Muskie fishing on the St. Lawrence River, the undisputed "water of the giants."
Fall Sportsmen's Safari ...Two days of river fishing and a half day of upland pheasant hunting; a true sportsmen's outing.
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