Enjoy your lunch on board while you fish.

    Many of our anglers come to us just to enjoy our opportunities for great fishing. Just fishing and "grabbing a bite" in between makes their day. For them we offer a choice of fried chicken pieces or thick deli style sandwiches, both with all the trimmings.


Choose from either cold fried chicken for all OR your individual favorite sandwiches, including rare roast beef, roast turkey breast, or ham, with or without cheese.
 All lunches are commercially prepared on the morning of your trip and delivered to the boat before we leave to pick up your group.

     The thick deli-style sandwiches are made in a commercial kitchen with the group's individual choice of their personal favorite, rare roast beef, sliced oven roasted whole turkey breast (no rolled stuff here), or shaved ham, served on your choice of wheat or white bread with or without American or Swiss cheese. The group's other choice is seasoned deep fried chicken pieces, fried in commercial fryers by professional cooks. Either comes with appropriate condiments, including mayo & mustard for turkey and ham & cheese and mayo and horseradish for beef sandwiches. Chicken comes with BBQ or Honey-Mustard dipping sauce. Your group's choice whether all chicken or from the variety of sandwiches, is accompanied by your choice of the Chef's own recipe macaroni salad or coleslaw, potato chips, hard boiled eggs and dill pickle spears. You are responsible for your own canned and plastic bottled beverages in your cooler with ice.
    Our lunches are professionally prepared by our catering company, whose cook rises and shines around 4 A.M. in order to prepare and get your lunches to the boat fresh by 6:30 A.M. These are professional quality, larger than restaurant size lunches, prepared expressly for your party, are $15.00 for sandwichs and $17.50 for fried chicken, per person, including sales tax and delivery.