Enjoy a hot lunch on board on Muskie trips.
(Offered on 6 hr. and full day charters only)

    Muskie fishing is all done by trolling and doesn't involve holding a fishing rod in one hand all day. With this freedom to move around at will and with the boat equipped with an electric hot food holder, hot sit down lunches have been a 1000 Islands Fishing Charters hallmark dating back to the early 1980s.


     Our lunches are made in a local restaurant by experienced local chefs. Choose from Sloppy Joe with in house prepared sauce or Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches, both fresh from their purveyor as are the buns from Clayton's local bakery. Accompaniements include homemade Cole Slaw, hard boiled egg and sliced pickle spears. You are responsible for your own snacks and canned and plastic bottled beverages and ice.