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The Only Charter Service Offering Mixed Party Trips,
just $60 per person! (July 1st through September 7th)
Half & Full Day Private Party Charters.
Complete Fishing Trip Packages

(including one or two full days of guided fishing, comfortable & clean accommodations & daily lunches)
Shore Dinners A Specialty, A unique experience for everyone.
Now Offering Half-Day Private Party Muskie Hunts in Prime Muskie Waters
..."and then, on September 22nd 1957, in sight of Clayton, NY, I hung and landed the largest muskellunge ever caught by hook and line..."
Arthur Lawton, Outdoor Life, May, 1958


The St. Lawrence River is widely recognized as one of North America's truly great fisheries. From pan fish, like yellow perch, to smallmouth bass, pound for pound the fightingist fish in fresh water, to walleye, great northern pike and muskellunge, the fish rich waters of the 1000 islands offer it all.

Now in our 38th year of catering to anglers from across the country and around the world, 1000 Islands Fishing Charters is widely recognized as the most experienced and innovative sport fishing charter service on the St. Lawrence River.

It's no wonder that in 2015, for the 23rd straight year, we are one of only 14 charter services in N.Y. State and the only one in the 1000 Islands Region approved by the North American Fishing Club, the largest sport fishing organization in the world, serving more than 500,000 angler members.

1000 Islands Fishing Charters
P.O. Box 69
Clayton, NY 13624-0069
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1000 Islands Fishing Charters is widely recognized as the 1000 Island's most experienced and innovative fishing charter service. Since 1978 we have blazed the trail for our industry. Innovations include an array of complete fishing trip offerings unique to the northeast including half day mixed party fishing trips, complete fishing trip packages and even a combination fishing and hunting safari including guided fishing and upland bird hunting.
When it comes to fishing in the 1000 Islands, our motto pretty well says it all:
"Unless you're the lead dog, the scenery never changes!"

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2015 Fishing Trip Offerings
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Half Day Mixed Party Trips : Enjoy the experience of a professionally guided fishing trip for just $60 per person

Half Day Private Party Charters: A four hour fishing outing for those not able to be on the river all day (May 2-mid October)

Full Day Private Party Trips: Your private party enjoys all of the fun and excitement of a traditional 1000 Islands Guided Fishing Trip

  Half Day Private Party Muskie Charters: A four hour trophy muskie charter, in prime muskie fishing waters, for private groups of up to six anglers

Full Day Private Party Muskie Charters: A full day trophy muskie charter, in prime Canadian muskie fishing waters, for private groups of up to six anglers

Package Fishing Trips: Make planning your fishing trip a breeze with one of our NEWLY REDESIGNED all inclusive package fishing trips

Does a group of 50 fishermen have your mind boggled? Relax and call us. Serving groups of up to 120 fishermen has been a specialty with us since 1982.

A.B.'s Office : Your boat, our U.S.C.G. Certified charter boat. The largest, safest and only one of its kind in the 1000 Islands.

U.S.C.G. "Certified?"
:  Here's what U.S.C.G. Certified means to you. (don't be misled by the term "c. g. inspected," )

Choose from a selection of lunches to compliment your Full Day Private Charter or Package trip:
Enjoy a Traditional 1000 Islands Shore Dinner: The ultimate 1000 Islands fishing trip tradition
     Island Picnic Cook-out: Take a  90 minute break from fishing, we'll go ashore and stretch our legs and have an old fashioned cook-out.
     On-board Lunch: Fish all day and enjoy your hearty lunch at your convenience.

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Gift Certificates for that Special Occasion: Our many offerings and their reasonable prices make them popular special occasion gifts for family and friends.

Thousand Island Dressing was created by the wife of a Clayton fishing guide for his shore dinners. Read the interesting history, and enjoy the dressing. OR,

Purchase the Dressing on line, delivered right to your home.

Fishing Tales & Other Good Stuff: A couple fishing tales, why you should never take bananas on a fishing boat and how fishing may help you live longer!

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The ATMs open at 7 A.M.

1000 Islands Fishing Charters
  P.O. Box 69
Clayton, NY 13624-0069
315.686.2381 - 877.544.4241
Capt. Allen Benas, Owner/Operator

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