Precautions for Covid-19 protection:

We are all concerned with protection from the Covid-19 virus. We take great precautions so you have access to everything you need to insure your security.

1) The boat's public access areas are sanitized with disinfectant prior to every trip.
2) We are requested to check passenger's temperatures upon boarding, which is as much for your peace of mind as everyone elses.
3) As in other public gathering  situations, masks should be worn. The exception is with a private party charter or groups that are together to the point that they are secure in being together in an open air environment.
4) Once on board we have 75% alcohol hand sanitizer and paper towels, 100% alcohol disinfectant hand wipes, un-powdered vinyl gloves and facial tissue for caugh and sneeze collectors for use at your descretion.
    A.B.'s Office is able to accommodate up to eight anglers and maintain acceptable distancing, which seems to be the most important preventative.  For private party and family groups, where you are the only group on board and constantly and comfortable together, masks are pretty much up to your discretion.  With mixed party groups, where acceptable distancing is difficult, and groups are otherwise non-associated, masks really need to be worn.
We have a supply of single use, disposable masks, for anyone in need.