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"A 1 of a kind boat, in a 1 of a kind place."
What U.S.C.G. Certified means to you?

Don't be deceived by the term "Coast Guard inpected." Across the United States thousands of charter boats operate on U.S.C.G. designated "navigable waters" and may, or may not be annually inspected by the U.S.C.G. Auxiliary. Limited to carry no more than six passengers, they are commonly referred to as "six pack" boats, but the official designation is U.S.C.G. "uninspected" vessel. Despite the missleading window stickers, these boats have only received "courtesy" inspections by C.G. Auxiliary volunteers to check to see if the vessel has the necessary number of life preservers (PFDs), operating lights, anchor, etc. on board to satisfy the legal  Coast Guard and state requirements for personal pleasure craft. U.S.C.G. Auxiliary volunteers are neither trained, qualified nor authorized to perform inspections on Certified vessels.
For starters, besides costing about 1/3rd more than uncertified models of the same boat, a Certified Small Passenger Vessel, one that can legally carry more than six passengers like A.B.'s Office, must be built to satisfy stringent U.S.C.G. requirements from the keel up. Coast Guard inspections are conducted every week or two, depending on the stage of construction, beginning with the laying of the keel, to assure compliance with their rigid specifications.
    Such specifications include specially built heavy duty fiberglass entombed aluminun fuel tanks, additional, larger fire extinguishers and under deck fixed automatic fire surpression systems, special heavy duty wiring and hoses, commercial grade PFDs, electric and manual back-up bilge pumps in all underdeck watertight compartments and most of all, a hull built with special fire retardent fiberglass, totally different than that used in pleasure boats. Construction is followed by an extensive stability test before Certification is issued.
    Following passage of the final inspection the vessel is declared officially "Certified" to perform its duties within the authority of the Certification. Every year thereafter the vessel must undergo a rigid and expensive inspection by the U.S.C.G. Marine Safety Detachment (ours is located in Massena, NY near Seaway Control) to assure passengers that the vessel is in compliance with those standards and thus, Certified to perform its designated service.


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