"A.B's OFFICE" : Is the only charter fishing boat on the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, annually inspected and certified by the U. S. Coast Guard (not the C.G. Auxiliary, and there's a big difference). Where every other charter boat is limited to carry no more than six passengers, A.B.'s Office, with a length of 30 feet and a beam of 12 feet, is licensed to carry up to 15 passengers, plus captain and mate. This does away with the necessity to charter two boats for groups of more than six anglers, saving the group a good deal of money and greatly adding to the camaraderie of the outing.

In the eyes of discriminating sportsmen, "A.B's OFFICE" stands alone as the "fishing showboat of the 1000 Islands." The charter boat was custom built to the demanding specifications of 1000 Islands Fishing Charters owner Capt. Allen Benas. Based on 30 years experience of fishing on the St. Lawrence, it was designed expressly to meet the needs of modern river anglers. Fishermen also fish with the reassurance of knowing that they are fishing with the only charter service in the 1000 Islands to earn the "Approved" rating of the North American Fishing Club, the world's largest sport fishing organization.

Fitted out with the most modern navigational and sport fishing equipment, "A.B's OFFICE" insures a fishing trip to long be remembered. Radar, GPS, Chart Plotter navigational systems allow safe navigation in all weather conditions. State of the art color and 3-D Sonar insure the ability to find fish, and modern radio equipment insures world wide communication, if needed. On your fishing trip all fishing tackle is included, some so new that it is still in the final stages of pre market testing from the manufacturer.

    In the spectrum of time, life is short. Why not treat yourself to the finest while you're enjoying it?
Especially when it saves you money!


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