..."and then, on September 22nd 1957, in sight of Clayton, NY, I hung and landed the largest muskellunge ever caught by hook and line..."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Arthur Lawton, Outdoor Life, May, 1958

Private Party Muskie Hunts

We are the ONLY charter service in the region offering a variety of Muskie Hunts
and we take you to prime muskie fishing waters, including where the World Record was caught in 1957.
Pricing depends on length of trip and number of anglers...see below.

    There are only two natural strains of muskellunge left in North America. Not only is the St. Lawrence strain one of them, it is the largest of the two. To fresh water anglers, a lifetime achievement is catching a muskie. To "Muskie Men," serious anglers who have caught numerous muskies, catching a St. lawrence River muskie means crossing one more thing off their Bucket List.
    Some visiting anglers just don't have the time for a full day fishing trip. Many others just want to experience a muskie fishing trip to see what it's like. Then there are real "Muskie Men," intent on accomplishing the supreme achievement in fresh water fishing. Whichever group you fall in, here is a 1st of its kind opportunity to experience the essence of a true full fledge muskie hunt in search of a trophy muskie
in the time frame that best suits your intentions.

    For half day trips, fishing begins just minutes after leaving the dock. With the extra time, the six hour trip offers your choice of fishing either New York or Canadian waters with a short 20 minute ride from Clayton to the beginning of the Canadian fishing grounds.

     Muskies are never "easy" to catch, that's why they are the supreme trophy in fresh water fishing. Although the onset of the September fall chill signals increased interest in muskie fishing, from opening day in mid June muskies are caught throughout the fishing season.

       As any experienced muskie guide will tell you, there are as many muskies caught in the first three hours of the first day as the last three hours of the 2nd day. Regardless of your choice of trip length, don't think you are short changing your self. Around here, every time you drop a muskie lure in the water, the odds are the same.


Choose from 2 Private Party Muskie Hunts
Cost is per person on board - Boat departs at 7 A.M.
Length of Trip
Half Day - 4 Hrs.
6 Hour Trips
Party size of

6 $110.00 $120.00
5 $125.00 $140.00
4 $140.00 $165.00
3 $ 165.00 $200.00
2 $ 225.00 $275.00
All tackle included.
International restrictions limit fishing to New York State waters only, but still in prime muskie fishing waters.
We provide free, secure off street parking across the street from our convenient downtown departure dock.

Prices subject to minor adjustment to compensate for fluctuating fuel costs.