Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
How big and safe is the boat?
    Your boat, A.B.'s Office, is the largest charter fishing boat on the St. Lawrence River. It is the only annually U.S. Coast Guard Inspected and Certified fishing boat in the 1000 Islands. Licensed to carry up to 15 passengers, for everyone's enjoyment we like to limit trips to 12 people. All other fishing boats are legally restricted to carry no more than six passengers.
Is fishing gear provided?
    Yes, we provide professional quality Shimano fishing tackle, designed for our local fishery. Live bait is included on Mixed Party trips and at a small additional per angler cost on Private Charters.
Does the boat have a toilet?
    Yes, but on a boat it is called a "head."

Can we bring beverages & snacks?
    Yes, you can bring snacks and canned or plastic bottled beverages and a personal or group size cooler, depending on your group size. Glass and boats are not a good combination.
How do I make a reservation?
    All trips require advance reservations and a deposit. Please call us at 315-686-2381 between 9 A.M. and 5:30 P.M. to insure availability for your day of choice, give us information we need and get deposit information. You can review our deposit / reservation / cancellation information on our website.
Can we pay with a credit card?
    Unfortunately, we can't process cards on the boat but there are ATMs at both of our local convenience stores and all bank branches where you can get cash prior to departure for payment when you board. Where possible, we provide your final boarding payment amount in your confirmation email.
Do you go rain or shine?
    Yes, we sail rain or shine. Don't rely on the Weather Channel for an accurate forecast for river weather. The weather on the river is different than even five miles inland. Like a wood splitter, storms coming downstream from Lake Ontario to the river usually deflect north and south, away from the river.
Where does the boat leave from?
    The boat departs from the downtown Village Docks
in Clayton, adjacent to the public rest rooms/observation deck and Dock Master's office, across from the Clayton Opera House and River Bottom Bar & Grill. You can drive to within 20' of the boat if you need to drop off anglers or on private charters, bulky items, and then park your vehicle.
What about parking?
    We provide free, secure off street parking. We will explain parking when you finalize your reservation.
Is a passport necessary?
    No! You do not need a passport on any of our trips. Only on 6 hour Private Charters do we occasionally  fish in Canadian waters, but we do not land. But on any international waterway it's always a good idea to bring along some form of identification, such as a picture driver's license.
Is motion sickness ever an issue?
    No. Seldom is the water rough on the river and on those few occasions it is only minutes from the dock to the fishing grounds, sheltered by the islands. Where it is a very common occurrence for our counterparts on Lake Ontario, in 42 years we have only had to cancel three days due to high winds. Waves on inland waters are much different than on Lake Ontario and the ocean, where most people susceptible t
o motion sickness have issues.
Is the boat handicap accessible?
    The fishing deck can easily accommodate a wheel chair but not the head, which is three steps down from the main deck.

Do you have afternoon trips?
    We do not schedule any afternoon trips because fishing is best in the morning and that is when people want to go. Morning trips also allow you time for a leisurely lunch and free afternoon to visit area attractions, enjoy outdoor activities or touring our area. We can do them on a private charter basis, if our schedule allows.
What about fishing licenses?
    Depending on your trip, we will discuss the options when you finalize your reservation.
Can a person come just to ride along and not fish?
    Remembering that the trip is a fishing trip and not a boat tour, on occasion single "ride-alongs" are permitted. But they are expected to pay the same per person rate as the rest of the group and we do have to have at least a 24 hour prior request.

Mixed Party Trips   (AKA: Drift Fishing Trips) $70 per person

What is the cost and how do they work?
    Trips cost $70 p/p for everyone on board, regardless of age and whether they fish or not, and we need a minimum of 7 total people to go. We are currently trying to limit trips to no more than 10
people, including singles, couples, families and friends.
How long are we out?
    We board after 7 A.M. and leave at 7:15 A.M., or as soon as everyone is on board, which ever comes first. Return to the dock is four hours after departure.
What is included?
    Fishing tackle and live bait are included. You are welcome to bring canned & plastic bottled beverages and snacks and a personal size cooler.

Half Day & 6 Hour Private Charters
What is the difference between these and Mixed Party Trips?
    With Private charters just your own group is on the boat regardless of the size of your group and length of your trip.
How long are we out?
    All trips board after 7 A.M. and leave at 7:15 A.M., or as soon as everyone is on board. Return is four or six hours after departure, depending on the length of your trip.
How much do they cost?
    Rates vary based on the number of people in your party. The more people the lower the cost per person.
What is included?
    Fishing tackle is furnished and live bait is an additional cost depending on how large the party is.